If these skills apply to you, consider becoming a registered medical assistant

Learn more about how you can put your skills to use in a growing field

A career as a registered medical assistant is rewarding and requires an array of professional and interpersonal skills. Medical assistants work closely with doctors and perform various tasks including drawing blood, completing medical records and preparing treatment rooms.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical assistant field is expected to grow 29 percent through 2026, which is above the national average compared to other fields. Find out if you have the right skills needed for this versatile and growing career.

Being a good listener

While listening skills are necessary for any job, they are particularly important when working as a registered medical assistant. Active listening is a conscious type of listening that focuses on fully grasping the entire message the other person is relaying to you. When you listen intently, you will be able to follow up with smart and thoughtful questions and thus, further develop your relationship with your patients.

To work on your listening skills, start with eliminating distractions, repeating information back to the individual and taking notes to ensure your co-workers or patients feel like they are being heard. When a patient communicates a problem, you need to be able to understand what they are feeling so that you can choose the best way to diagnose their condition. Pay close attention to their words and body language because this will help you comprehend what they are saying more completely.

Staying organized

Your organizational skills will certainly be tested as a registered medical assistant. Part of your front-office duties will include scheduling appointments, handling patient records and filing documents. On top of these responsibilities, you will also be expected to fulfill clinical duties. Managing your tasks and time efficiently is an important part of maintaining the flow and structure of your physician’s office.

Going with the flow

As a registered medical assistant, you will serve in a variety of roles. At any given moment, you could be expected to switch from performing medical tasks to greeting patients when they enter the office. Therefore, a strong sense of flexibility will take you far in this career.

Multi-tasking between patient interaction and clerical duties can be a challenging task for some, but a registered medical assistant who can adjust on the fly will be able to efficiently and effectively manage the physician’s office and the needs of his or her patients.

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