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Our Mission and Values

A company’s mission statement and values help guide the culture and environment of the workplace and provides the foundation for the relationships between the company, its customers, the community, and employees. It provides a framework for thinking and behavior throughout the organization. Everyone within the company; the campus president and the front desk receptionist, instructors and the director of education, career services specialists, admissions representatives, every employee, should make decisions and base their decisions and actions in accordance with the company’s mission and values. Therefore, knowing and understanding a company’s mission statement and values is an excellent way to get to the know the company, whether you are looking for employment or to use the company’s products or services. Learn more today about Professional Skills Institute!

Our Mission

Professional Skills Institute prepares committed students for entry-level and rewarding careers with community employers through hands-on technical training.

Note that this is an important two-sided relationship. PSI is committed to preparing students for their chosen career through hands-on training, real-world experience, and job placement assistance and the student must be committed to the same goal to achieve the right outcome.

Our Values

Respect for the Individual
There are countless daily interactions between employees, students, and local employers. Each encounter should be approached with a willingness to listen, understand, and support the other participants.

Honesty and consistency in all aspects of the business is how integrity is demonstrated every day at Professional Skills Institute.

Excellence can be seen in the quality of work performed and in the continuous strive to improve. Results are measured, people are held accountable, and resources are provided to promote the best opportunity for everyone to excel.

Each team member is encouraged to share their unique experiences and strengths. By doing so, the team can achieve their best results and team members will build connected, strong relationships.

Professional Skills Institute is committed to its mission and values and everyone within the organization strives to adhere to these important principles. It is this dedication, showcased in the day-to-day activities throughout the organization, where the words take shape and become the culture and environment of the company as a whole.

Are you an employer looking for qualified applicants, a prospective student ready to embark on your chosen career path, or a talented individual looking to start a new career at Professional Skills Institute? Learn more about all the opportunities at Professional Skills Institute.


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