How Can Career Services Help You?

Advantages of Career Services

For most students, the goal of post-secondary education is employment. But the road to a new career involves several steps. As such, it’s important for students to take full advantage of available campus resources to make the most of their educational experience. Career services is an important campus resource that students should investigate as part of their school visits.

Professional Development

At Professional Skills Institute, we know it takes more than succeeding in the classroom and labs to land a job upon graduation. Our Career Services Department is committed to helping you achieve your goals by providing you with the professional development and job skills you’ll need to successfully enter into a new career after graduation.

All of our programs have professional development skills built right into the curriculum.

Important development skills include:

  • Resume Writing Workshops
  • Job Search Methods / Current Trends in the Job Market
  • Using Job Search Engines like Indeed and LinkedIn
  • Successful Interview Techniques / Appropriate Dress for Interviews
  • Evaluating Employment Offers
  • Mock Interviews with Employers / Professionals

While your success is ultimately up to you, the professional skills that you develop while in school will continue to serve you after graduation, supporting your goals throughout your career.

Job Placement Opportunities

Most programs require clinicals or externships before they can be completed. Through this real-world training, you will use your classroom and lab knowledge in employer settings.

Our Career Services Department can help you conduct research on locations for your clinicals and externships to find opportunities that support your specific career training. To learn more about externships and clinicals, click here.

While Career Services cannot guarantee employment after graduation, they can provide graduates with important resources and support to assist in finding potential employment opportunities.

Our Career Service Specialists strive to match businesses that have employment needs with Professional Skills Institute graduates suited for specific positions. Together, we work to help you find a rewarding career opportunity.

Annual Career Fair

Career fairs are a great time for students and graduates to meet with employers. Professional Skills Institute hosts annual job fairs, which are wonderful opportunities to connect and network with industry professionals.

Networking with employers at job fairs helps students obtain career information and learn about other opportunities that may not be immediately obvious in the job search.

The Career Services Department always recommends attending job fairs since some employers will take resumes throughout the day. It’s also an opportunity for you to make your best in-person impression, which may lead to an interview.

Job fairs are a productive way for you to practice your interview skills and gain exposure on what questions to ask during an interview and what questions you should prepare for.

If you’re looking into career training and would like more information on how our Career Services Department can help you on your new career path, visit us today online or call us at 800-216-5770.

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