Thank You to Our Employers

Local employers play an important role in the success of Professional Skills Institute graduates in more ways that you might expect. Their involvement may begin even before students enroll in classes! Some local employers are Advisory Board members who help shape the curriculum to ensure students are learning the skills and knowledge needed for local employment. In addition, employers are invited to participate in Job Fairs at Professional Skills Institute where current students and graduates can network and learn about local employment opportunities. And some employers host clinical hours or externships where current students work and hone their skills in the field. To top it off, employers hire PSI’s hands-on trained graduates and help them grow into successful members of the local community.

For these important contributions to the success of Professional Skills Institute graduates, we’d like to thank all of our local employers and highlight a few for their continued partnership.

Harbor – a women’s residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment program with multiple locations throughout Ohio.

Arista – offering a variety of home health care solutions and non-emergency medical transportation in Toledo and the surrounding area.

SKLD Home – helping patients with short-term and long-term complex medical needs at multiple locations in Ohio and Michigan.

Amada – professional in-home senior care for the Greater Toledo area.

The Toledo Clinic – high quality healthcare with a collaboration of 62 locations and approximately 265 physicians and associated healthcare professionals.

Balance and Mobility Therapy – one-on-one treatments specializing in fall prevention and balance disorders.

Werner Enterprises – one of the top five largest truckload carriers in the United States offering transportation and logistics services.

Are you an employer ready to learn more about Professional Skills Institute? Information for Employers can be found on PSI’s website for local employers interested in hiring PSI graduates or contributing to their education in various other ways.

Or if you are a prospective student ready to begin your journey to becoming a valued member of your local community, visit Professional Skills Institute today to discover the hands-on, career training program that is right for you!

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