Traditional Education or Career Training?

Your learning style and employment goals can help you decide.

There is a lot to consider when choosing where to receive your education. The key is to do your research to choose the type of education that matches your learning style and aligns with your employment goals.

What Type of Learner are You?

Of the 3 main learning styles – visual, kinesthetic, and auditory – most people favor one over the others. Visual learners use charts, pictures, and even body language to help them understand and retain new information. Auditory learners prefer listening and speaking. And, kinesthetic learners like to tackle things hands-on, they would rather physically do something than verbally explain it.

Picture yourself in a classroom setting. Is it easy for you to pay attention when the teacher is standing up front talking? Are you more engaged if they are writing on a board or projecting images related to the topic? Or, is your mind wandering? Are you wishing you could be interacting with the lesson, working with your classmates, and problem solving in a real-world setting?

Education typically includes a mixture of all three learning styles but, in a traditional four-year college, auditory lectures may be a significant portion of your class time. Conversely, career training schools favor the hands-on, kinesthetic approach. At Professional Skills Institute, students train on equipment that mirrors the workplace, and spend a large portion of time learning and practicing the skills that will be essential to their future careers. PSI’s programs also offer externships where students receive real-world, on-the-job training in actual medical and commercial facilities.

What are your Employment Goals?

Consider your employment goals. Have you already chosen a career field? Is it important for you to enter the workforce quickly in a stable career? Or do you need more time to explore your options?

At a traditional four-year college, you can attend before choosing a major. You can choose your own classes and spend the first few semesters meeting general education requirements while deciding which direction to take.

Career schools are designed to get you trained and working quickly. They have focused curriculums so every course you take is directly related to your program. And the programs taught at career schools typically include training for careers in high demand. Professional Skills Institute offers Class A CDL Driving and a variety of healthcare programs including Physical Therapist Assistant which has a projected job growth rate of 33% from 2019-2029* And most career schools, including PSI, offer graduates job placement assistance and financial aid is available to students who qualify.

After considering your learning style and employment goals, research and visit the institutions that best match your needs. If you favor the kinesthetic learning approach and want to enter the workforce quickly, Professional Skills Institute can help! Check out PSI’s hands-on programs and schedule a personalized campus tour today!


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