5 Study Tips for Success

School and studying go hand-in-hand, whether you are attending classes in-person or completing your degree online. In the short term, established study skills can lead to confidence and good grades. In the long term, effective study skills help you retain the lessons you’ve learned and apply them in your chosen career field. With such great benefits, there is no avoiding studying. So, focus on getting the most out of your time with these 5 study tips.

1) Set Goals

Close your eyes and visualize your ideal future career. This image is probably why you are attending classes and reminding yourself of the big picture, your main goal, can help you stay focused and on-task while studying. Distractions are all around but keeping your goals clearly ahead of you, and taking step after step in that direction, can quiet the distractions and help you stay focused on studying.

2) Set Schedule

Treat studying like it’s your job. Set time aside, a scheduled time, every day to work. By having a set schedule, you are less likely to brush it off or postpone your study time. And, whether you are studying at home, the local coffee shop, or the library, if you have a set time you can let your family and friends know that you will not be responding to texts or social posts during that time. It’s important for the people around you to know your schedule so they can support you on your journey.

3) Space

Find the study space and atmosphere best suited for you. You may find that some background music helps you focus or maybe you catch yourself singing along and not paying attention to your studies. Can you close a door and easily tune out the sounds of a busy household or do you need absolute quiet to concentrate? Are you more comfortable sitting at a desk or do you prefer a comfy chair to read long lessons? Find the space most conducive to your personal study needs and use it consistently.

4) Engage

Be an active part of your study session. Engage the material and make sure you understand it. Take notes, make flash cards, and reread as needed. Connect with others to discuss material and share ideas. Your classmates may bring up questions you never considered or have a different viewpoint on the material. By engaging with the material and others you will have more productive study sessions and improve your knowledge retention.

5) Reward Yourself

When your study skills pay off with an excellent grade or recognitions from your instructors and peers, reward yourself for a job well done! Even with careful planning and motivation, studying can be challenging. Don’t forget to reward yourself for all of your hard work!

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