Become an Essential Worker

Healthcare careers are in demand.

During the coronavirus outbreak, many of us have spent weeks at home while essential workers are keeping our communities running. Essential workers include law enforcement and first responders, the food and agriculture industries, the energy sector, government, and transportation for vital industries. And at the forefront stand healthcare workers. Whether they are directly caring for coronavirus patients, performing new tasks such as coronavirus screenings at businesses and airports, or working with existing or new patients not related to the outbreak, healthcare workers are in high demand.

Prior to the epidemic, projected job growth for medical assistants was 23% and licensed practical nurses was 11%. Currently there is an increased demand for skilled healthcare workers that could further increase job growth.

Licensed Practical Nurses perform essential tasks including basic bedside care, taking vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respirations, and document patient care in electronic health record systems.

These essential tasks performed by Licensed Practical Nurses mean job security and steady pay for these careers, now and in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about training for a stable career in healthcare as a Licensed Practical Nurseschedule a virtual campus tour today. During your virtual tour a helpful admissions representative will show you the campus and answer your questions about your program and the employment outlook in your future career field.

Professional Skills Institute classes are currently being conducted remotely via distance education. New classes are forming, and traditional classroom education and labs will resume when appropriate.

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